Rubber Paint on Cars

Those cars painted with non-glossy rubber paint look pretty cool

I’ve seen them in quite a few States now quite a few different styles of cars and quite a few different colors and they’ve all pretty much looked interesting

What I haven’t seen yet are the Earth colors like tan or brown which might look pretty cool in the flat with texture

Van Update, New floor & Insulation Started

Three-quarter inch foam base then three quarter inch thick rubber mats, for horse stalls, for the floor. It took three of them at 4 foot by 6 foot

Then I use the same three quarter inch thick styrofoam with a mylar side on the van walls and roof

This step alone seems to keep it about 10 degrees or more cooler inside the van

Next will put some 1 inch thick foam boards over the walls and roof what should give us an insulation value of R9

Stay tuned for more updates as we continue to upgrade the van