Van Life

I have enjoyed road trips my whole life.

Typically my family would travel by RV and camp at campgrounds and occasionally hotels.

Then later, when I started to travel in cars we either camped or stayed in hotels (or with friends)

Then I discovered “Stealth Camping” and the concept of ‘camping’ out in your vehicle for extended road trips, to keep costs down, seemed like a great idea

So, I bought a Van !!

The first Van, was a 1986 Chevy G30 3/4 ton cargo (contractor) van.
It was only $500 from a Tucson School at auction.
I fixed up that van and started out on adventures in California.

However after a few ‘test’ trips the flaws with the Transmission and engine became apparent and eventually the G30 broke down and required a tow back to Tucson

The costs to repair the Engine & Transmission on the G30 amounted to almost the cost of a new van.. so the next steps were not clear..

I saved up for about a year, and finally acquired the “new” 2002 Chevy 3500 Express Van for not much more than it would have cost to fix the G30

The adventure in Van Life continues …

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