People Who Drive Close Behind a Van

There are a few types of people that get behind you in the van at 60 miles per hour

The Texter

Usually a girl on the phone texting away, she looks up and figures out she’s got a pace vehicle in front of her.. eventually, when she figures out you’re only going 60 and not 75 she passes you real fast with a dirty look

This has happened dozens of times so far

The Shadow

The tailgater who just sits behind you, only half a car length back, for miles, then eventually figures out you’re only going 60 miles an hour

They will sometimes pass you with a dirty look and will sometimes successfully meet up with someone else who passes you, and tags behind them at… 63 miles an hour

The Hot Rod

Usually a kid in a fast car, they like to gun it, pass the van going 60mph, and they really feel like they accomplished something when they pass

The Businessman

He ain’t got time for this..they are usually in cities with traffic, they will haul past the van, then make a big point, to zoom around and then back into your lane I’ve got plenty of these guys on the dash cam footage

The Trucker

I feel bad for these guys, since they’re doing a real job so I get out of way when I can.  But sometimes I just get in their way and I know it, but until I can drive 75 mph, I am saving those three miles per gallon

Slo Mo

Then every once in awhile you get the Slowpoke who only goes 50 and then I get to go around them. it’s usually not fun unless we’re in the middle of nowhere

Rubber Paint on Cars

Those cars painted with non-glossy rubber paint look pretty cool

I’ve seen them in quite a few States now quite a few different styles of cars and quite a few different colors and they’ve all pretty much looked interesting

What I haven’t seen yet are the Earth colors like tan or brown which might look pretty cool in the flat with texture

Replaced Water Pump

Had to replace the Water Pump while on the Gun Show Loophole Tour

Looks like the water pump is about to go out on the van so instead of being stranded on the side of the road we stopped at a auto parts store bought a new pump We did the daily gunshow right on schedule while the engine cooled Now it’s time to dig in to replace in this water pump

Removing fan from water pump on 2002 Chevy Express 3500